They worship and serve created things rather than the Creator

Paganism, polytheism, heathenism, right before our eyes – which are currently blindfolded in deep sleep – are appearing again in various forms and ways

Research about idolaters had led me to a sea of information about pagans from all over the world and their organizations. In these uncertain times burdened with all sorts of crises, when all the forces of Hades came together in their efforts to attack Christianity, a lot of attention is given to the reappearance of idolatry. In the multitude of those yoked for such work there are many for whom it is hard to believe to be found in such circles

Christianity is in a deep crisis in the western countries. Naming the evidence for such a worrisome claim would lead us very far. I will give just one example that is indicative and applicable to far more widespread and global level. In the US the Christian God had been outcast from the public sphere. There is an ongoing unscrupulous battle for children’s souls. Horrible things are done to detach the children from their parents and from anything that would get them close to any kind of Christian moral standards. Against their parents’ will, they are shown the hideous creatures called drag queens who have no other intentions but to forcefully drag the children into immorality and queerness. In Las Vegas, for example, they force the children to publicly read pornographic material gotten from the school library of the carefully selected books. And when a mother of a fifteen-year- old tried to read the same material at a parents’ meeting with the school board in front of everyone, she was cut off for inappropriateness

One could not hear the Lord’s prayer before the class in American schools for a very long time, but nowadays, In California, a prayer to the pagan gods had been introduced into the school system. At the beginning of this year, in Lexington, Ohio, a teacher gave detailed instructions how to make an idol, called kachina, who, in pagan beliefs, does all sorts of miracles, he even takes the dreams up to the sky. Parents of a boy, who are Jewish, opposed because that kind of forceful push into paganism directly opposes to the God’s command stating the following: “You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. You shall not bow down to them or serve them, for I am the Lord, your God.” (Exodus 20:4-5

The battle is being fought with regards to whether the parents can have an influence on the spiritual and educational development of their children. Even though the constitution grants them that right, the school system disregards the rights of parents and imposes, somehow already imposed to them, the teaching of sacrilege to the children.

The paganism is wrapped into layers of wrapping paper, and it is served very insidiously, but also publicly as a so-called nature-loving eco-religion, most opportune for protecting the environment. A sinful man decided to grab God’s creation out of His hands, and to deprive Him of upholding all things. “God does not know what to do with the nature that He created; we can do it better.” Regardless of who they are, and of their differences in other fields, they come united and loudly scream: “Let’s save the planet!” The saving of the planet becomes religious adoration of nature, and one can hear and see all sorts of things there.

I do not want to be – God forbid – misunderstood, that I do not care that the creation of God is mistreated and destroyed. I am horrified, the same way those eco-tragedians and scaremongers are, of the foolish impertinence of the polluters of the environment. I get angry every time I see someone dropping a cigarette butt on the grass, or someone emptying their dirty pockets onto the street. I hold onto that little toothpick wrapper and keep it in my pocket for days if necessary until I find I place where I can properly dispose of it. When I pass by our rivers, and streams, and when I see all sorts of garbage floating in them, such as various plastic bags, and bottles, I ask myself what gives those polluters the right to poison us and our grandchildren. I would, if I could, make those who blemish and pollute our cities and other spaces with their “art work” lick clean their ”creations”.

And my brothers, priests in our villages, towns, cities I would kindly ask them to come down to earth in their sermons, and to lead their people in cleaning up our own yards and neighbourhoods instead of roaming around heavens and sub heavens. The schools could include real and not the evaporative care for nature and the environment in their curricular and extra-curricular activities so that, from time to time the teachers could lead the children in activities for healing the creation of God.

It is easy for those eco-tragedians and scaremongers to blather their theories from their lawyer’s, political parties’, professor’s. doctors’ or who-knows-what kind of chairs and to frighten people with the end of the world and the destruction of the planet. In Canadian schools they are hiring – so I hear on the radio –psychologists, psychiatrists, “psychics” to figure out the adequate dose of eco-fear to frighten the children regarding eco-tragedy.  Intentionally and for the sake of the moment they turned a girl into a monster, scared and resentful, full of hatred towards human race, and they sent her to meet the world leaders and to pour out her fears face to face with them, her eyes flashing with hate. “Leave the planet, let’s save Greta from this alarming cult of death”, a crying voice of the commentator is heard. “Who transformed a clever, curious sixteen-year-old girl into the prophet of horror?” he asks himself, and then answers: “The greened, educational, political, and cultural elite. Their discourse of secular Armageddon, their self-willed hyperbolizing of every issue the human race faces, their mobilization of the fear-driven politics in order to force people to change their allegedly vicious behaviour, harmful to the environment – all that to convince young people that the future is dark, that the human race is destined for catastrophe, and that there is no point in going to school, or make life plans, because we will all be dead soon.”

Among numerous religions of this unfortunate time, we now, have gotten the newest religions of the nonbelievers: the eco-religion in its various forms. And now, they lecture about eco-spirituality as a “spiritual connection” between people and nature. This earthed and towards the Earth oriented “spirituality” is, in fact, pure paganism; the religion of those who “exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images resembling mortal man, and birds, and animals, and creeping things.” (Romans 1:23) They worship and serve created things rather than the Creator. (Romans 1:25) So called “deep green religion” – so they say – connects people with nature at a “spiritual level”. Nature is “holy”, and they do not want to see beyond that “holiness”, so they negate any other type of spirituality. The reappearing paganism – through a ray of this deep green religion – the gaia religion – takes the Christianity as its implacable enemy, as an obstacle to the religion of the world, united in faith in “Mother Earth”. Their ritual is based on an intimate relationship with earth, plants, rocks, animals as “spiritual beings”. Lately, the Chipko movement resurfaced, named after women of India who were known for hugging the trees. These women, the huggers of trees, continue the tradition of their predecessors from the second half of the 18th century, who sacrificed their lives for the trees as they truly, literally, adored trees considering them sacred.

That Indian current of the worshipers of the created things, and not the Creator, is swashing the apostatic West. Their various gurus and teachers have spread to all parts of the world, deluding the spiritually drained contemporary man, selling them a pig in a poke. For example, it has been some time now since guru Sadhguru rumbled on his motorcycle through Europe, wrapped in ecological worry. He was everywhere, they listened and agreed to his mantra about trees in all world-leaders-conferences. “Let’s leave our oxen and our ploughs, and our tractors, and instead of planting wheat we should all start planting trees” – that is his message.  At the World Economic Forum, held in Davos, he pleaded to have a thousand billion trees planted around the world by 2030. This guru teaches his cowered devotees that the trees have soul and that they are sacred.

Many have jumped on the bandwagon of the preachers and intimidators for various reasons. Among many different things, it all comes down to their opinion that humans are to be blamed for everything and that the world would be better without them.  Transgenders of all kinds, homosexuals, abortion, and all other phenomena fit perfectly into this, and all that in order to let nature effectively thrive while the human race is being reduced to the “golden billion”. Jane Fonda, for example, makes a drama in front of an arrogant cluster of world’s vanity in Cannes, saying that all white people should be placed in casemates for the sake of the salvation of the planet. “There wouldn’t be any climate crisis or changes if there was no racism.”, she said. The poor – and that is mostly the black people – as she stated – do not hold control over the ecological reins. The white people do, and that is why they are to blame.

To be continued