Guru tours those that cower

April in Belgrade is a month filled with happenings; 2022,  White City was “honoured” by a visit of one of the leading word renowned gurus. Jagadish Vasudev, known as Sadhguru, rumbled through our country on his motorcycle, huffing and puffing from London to India.

His short visit to Belgrade, was announced and later described by the Belgrade media as an “ecological performance”.

I get really agitated and angry by those various peddlers selling us a pig in a poke, and in fact being successful with some naïve people who have been sold a pup.  Sadhguru is a master in deceiving others, and he travels across this sinful planet wrapped in an ecological blanket of “concern” for our environment, while, in fact, he has been touring his yoga empire and collecting tolls from his apprentices.

A few biographical facts: he was born in India in 1957. He graduated English Language at one of the local universities. He borrowed some money and started a poultry business. A business that was too risky requiring a lot of hard work but providing very unstable profit in return.  He gave up all that hardship and proclaimed himself the chosen and the enlightened one and started a much more profitable business – yoga. Devilishly clever man expanded his yoga business worldwide. Even though he keeps his business secrets under wraps, it is estimated that he scooped up over 25 million US dollars for himself so far. While he’s piling up millions of dollars, he has an army of volunteers working for him without pay.

His admirers – mostly women – consider him “a yogi mystic, and a visionary”, “enlightened master of enormous abilities” and things similar to that, however unseemly. At the police station of the city of Coimbatore, India, in close proximity to his Isha Center, there is a case against him filed by the parents of his late wife whose death was sudden. Early passing of his wife is on his conscience as he was said to have harassed her trying to extort the dowry from her.

This yoga guru perfectly fits these godless times. He cleverly nosed out the topic of ecology as one of the favourite topics of the impious powerful leaders and rulers of the world, so he joined their choir with his squealing voice.

The sinful worm, a modern man, all packed up to take away the work of God from His hands to use it and to take quasi better care of it. “God does not know how to do it; we know better so we will redo our way anything we take hold of.” With this mantra on his mind, this master started “this 30, 000-kilometer-long journey from London to India, on his motorcycle, to meet with the world leaders, the members of the parliaments, the ministers of agriculture and ecology to raise awareness of protecting soil fertility and organic matter content in soil.” He rumbled through England, France, Belgium, Netherlands, to name just a few countries among many others he plans to visit. This man has cleaned up India, and all its rivers, he freed up India from hunger and poverty, and now, proud of his work, he set himself out on a journey to show off his “accomplishments”. As our own Bora Čorba would say: “Look homeward, Angel”.

What kind of ideas is this guru putting in the heads of the already confused people? “Agriculture based on trees or agroforestry.” So, we should leave our oxen and our ploughs and instead of planting wheat we should all start planting trees. At the World Economic Forum, held in Davos, Switzerland this year, he suggested to have a thousand billion trees planted around the world by 2030. He said that in order to maintain the fertility of the soil, it is necessary to have 50 – 60 % of the earth’s surface covered by tree shade. He teaches his followers that the trees are alive and have souls. You breathe with the tree. You breathe out into the tree and then the tree takes it in and blows it back into your nose.

Lord gave us everything that moves on earth, and all the fish in the sea. “Everything that lives, and moves will be food for you – He said – just as I gave the green plants, I now give you all things.” (Genesis 9:2,3). That’s what God told us, while this guru, along with Gates and other nonbelievers, want to deprive us of any kind of meat. He would only, probably, leave the cows to bow before them as if they were some kind of deity.

Rumbling through the world on his motorcycle – that probably uses yoga energy to move instead of gas – he sows fear everywhere. He roared before his Belgrade followers how the humankind has only about “60 to 80 harvests” left and that by year 2045 we will face a serious worldwide hunger problem. “Look at all these beautiful children in Belgrade, what will we leave to them?” “Every second, about 4000 m2 becomes a desert and 52 % of the arable land is destroyed.” Talking about this nonsense, the Sadhguru visited the best renowned universities of the world, from Oxford to Harvard. He even spoke before the United Nations and was received with a very warm welcome by these worldly swindlers. Together they spread fear everywhere. They sing the same tune except their numbers are a bit different; the UN “graciously” gives us about twenty harvests more.

I was in Russia; I live in Canada. I travelled all over Canada, from coast to coast. We drove from Niagara Falls to Vancouver; I think it was about 5000 kilometers. Endless expanses. If there are any that are rattlebrained and puzzle-headed that would buy into this quasi-scientific nonsense; let them have it.

It is frightening to see where this worldly elite is taking our world; and it is even more frightening to see where they would take us and let us tumble if it weren’t for someone or something restraining them. (2 Thessalonians 2:6)

This guru is a very influential person. In a very short time, he moved from a hundred most influential Hindu persons list to fifty most influential Hindu persons list. He has participated many times at the World Economic Forum, and this year he meditated with the most powerful of the powerful for hours, and even guided those most powerful leaders through his yoga skills. Knowing all this we can expect anything from them.

If someone promises something knowing that his promise is an empty-promise, how else can others see and treat that person if not like a swindler. Many poor souls roam around the world and galaxies searching for peace and quiet and a healthy lifestyle, and in the forest of different “happy-makers “they stumble upon yoga, and because they are empty of any spiritual content, they start practicing this ancient Asian religion, they meditate, they torture their body, and they fill their souls with even deeper abyss of emptiness. How that godless faith, under the cover of relaxation and fitness, expanded, and absorbed so many people, this world would have been much more tranquil and quieter, more joyful and happier a long time ago, while as a matter of fact, we can see it everywhere, people are more anxious, more scampered, and more bloodthirsty.

The Orthodox Christianity has already clearly defined yoga as an oriental religion. How can yoga not be a religion when every little guru considers and represents himself as a god, promising to his followers what only one true God can fulfill. Following this guru, I came upon a handful of his apprentices, from Belgrade and other parts of the world, little gurus. Their adds and commercials are everywhere. Beginner yoga, advance yoga, yoga for everyone and for all. With exercises that Sadhguru created – they say- you can achieve anything and everything. “Rejuvenates and makes you feel lighter”. “Come join the workshop.” “Expect a miracle”, they recently called the Montenegrins. “Achieve the unachievable intentions.” “Do you have a goal that is of essential importance to you, that could change your life, to launch you into a completely new orbit of existence…. That you consider unachievable, hardly achievable, or achievable only with the help from the “higher power”? Maybe it is something on: Physical level (health, money, job, real estate, roof over your head…) Emotional level (love of a partner, new, old, or current, closeness to other people, all our relationships – parents, friends, children, anger, fear, sadness, joy, or life enjoyment inhibitors….) Mental level (beliefs that you need to be freed from, learning inhibitors, anxiety, constant questioning, and contemplation…) Spiritual level (spiritual peace, universal love, empathy, forgiveness, higher purpose of our existence, our calling…) Or maybe your goal is present in more than one of these levels….

These kinds of miracles only God our Lord can give; everyone else is a liar and a swindler. It is hard to understand how a reasonable man can believe them after seeing all their contradictions on their websites. Some of them claim one thing, the others claim something else and vise versa, but they are all apprentices of the same master. He himself, in one sentence, claims that yoga did not originate from Hinduism, only to say, immediately after, that yoga “grew and improved within that culture”. Six of one, and half a dozen of the other. “If you do yoga only to burn calories, it is obvious that you are not practicing the real yoga”, this guru says, and just below that statement is an add for yoga that helps you loose weight. They advertise one of his books, while he himself said that “many had harmed themselves trying to learn yoga through books.

Off he goes, this old man, rumbling through the world “performing under the sign of ecology”, while saying that he does not consider himself – an environmental defender. One of his followers described how he once “told off some renowned Harvard professor and explained that his job is not to plant trees, but to contribute to the growth of the people on this planet and to help them reach their full potential.

If his job is not to plant trees – and he’s selling that as his noble mission – then we can only believe that this rumble will only help “plant” a few more little millions of euros and pieces of American green paper into his quite swollen bank account.