They worship and serve created things rather rhan the Creator – 2

Whatever their position is, these planetary intimidators agree on one thing: the planet is overcrowded, and it needs to be relieved of load of people. Back in nineteen-sixty-eight, in his book “The Population Bomb”, Paul Ehlirch determined that due to rapid growth in population, millions of people will starve to death. We are way past the date he predicted, and to our fortune, his predictions did not become true. All these flustered ones build their sinister visions on imagination which they then present as scientific facts.

From that magnitude of heads and figures to us, the Christians, two bishops are the most interesting ones; one is of Rome, and the other one is of Constantinople. Both of them use surprisingly similar terminology in their speeches, talking about “planetary, ecumenical brotherhood.” The bishop of Constantinople issues the epistles, and presides many seminars, symposiums, and other gatherings. He often warns of ecological sin, which was added to the list of grave sins by his predecessor. One can conclude from his public addressing and official statements that the care for the environment for him is more than just an economical, political, technological, or other kind of issue – that it is primarily a religious and spiritual issue. He claims that the care for the planet is an extension of the holy Eucharist. He was awarded a title of “the green” Patriarch by the ruling ecological guru, former vice president of the United States, Al Gore. Taking into consideration the new – green religion, it is up to us to think about this award as something harmless, or maybe, it has a different meaning implied by Al Gore.

Pope Francis went far in his cringing to the pagans, and his actions will have far-reaching consequences to the Roman Catholic church, and more. Reactions to his actions were crowned with the book about his sins and mistakes, which fundamentally shook the Roman Catholic doctrine of papal infallibility. From October 6th to 27th, 2019, in Vatican, an assembly was held of high prelates of the Roman Catholic church from the vast land of Amazon: cardinals, bishops, priests, and clergy – 181 with the right to vote – and by invitation a large number of delegates. Of that number of delegates, the majority consisted of the representatives of the Indigenous native tribes. The topic of the three-week discussions at that gathering, named the “Amazon synod”, were the Indigenous tribes of the vast Amazon region spread across nine South American countries.

The media lists several key cardinals as the organizers of the gathering, even though it is very clear that the creator, the initiator, and the driving force of this synod is the pontifex personally, the bishop of Rome, Francis, as we like to cousinly call him “papa Franja”.

The assembly was extremely controversial. Starting from its announcement, to publishing the Working document “Instrumentum laboris”: “Amazon – New paths for the Church and for integral ecology”, to its actual holding and the decisions made, it attracted a lot of attention, and it caused many contrary comments

Two days before the assembly, with blessing, in the presence, and even with participation of Pope Francis, in Vatican Garden, they planted a tree, in which occasion the native people of the Amazon region, led by their priests, brought in a statue of two, naked, pregnant women. In the proximity was also a statue of a naked man featuring a detail that is indecent to even mention. Majority of the participants bowed before the statue of the naked, pregnant women. Among them one could also see the Franciscan friars. That kind of idolatry caused an avalanche of negative reactions

Known Roman Catholic Christians gathered on the same day, October 4th, near Vatican. Based on the Working document, they wanted to express their anger and their disapproval of the “Amazon synod”. They came down onto the organizers and participants and mostly onto their “sinless” leader, the pope of Rome, like a ton of bricks. The gravest accusations came from Dr Taylor Marshall. He said that the Roman Catholic church is a victim of internal infiltrations. At some point in time during the last century, or maybe even earlier than that, the Satan entered the Roman Catholic Church. For the last hundred years, the activists of the Masonic organizations, of liberalism, and modernism have infiltrated the Roman Catholic Church in an effort to change its doctrine, liturgy, mission, and to make laic all things that are divine. I insist- he said – that the root to the corruption lays back a hundred years ago, before the second Vatican Council when a secret plan was created to change the faith in crucified and resurrected Christ to a naturalistic religion of humanism and globalism.

The Roman Catholic church is in crisis because the enemies of Christ conspired to bring the Satan into the chair of Saint Peter. The enemies of Christ, from Neron to Napoleon, realized that by murdering popes they make them martyrs which causes sympathy towards them. Now, they are trying to make one of them a pope instead. That was a gradual and patient plan to cause satanic revolution with pope as one of their pawns.

In his heavy accusations Dr. Taylor mentions pope Paul 6, who said, in his sermon of 1972, that “through some fissure – it is not a secret, the pope had said it – through some fissure the smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God.”

The Dutch cardinal Willem Eijk is questioning whether pope Francis is the predecessor of the Antichrist. In an article published in the National Catholic Register, refers to roman catholic catechism which announces that in the days preceding the Second Coming of Christ, people will depart from the faith, and they will accept the deception of the antichrist offering solution to their current problems at the price of apostasy from faith. The cardinal states a number of examples of pope’s apostasy.

To be continued.