We’re coming for your children

Yes, that’s right. The gloves are off, war has been declared.

A massive army of God-fighting people has set out to turn children away from their parents, the Church, and from Dear God, with intent to transform their angelic souls into demon-like creatures suitable only for them. The drag queen warriors of LGBT+ ideology, parading through the Babylon of this era – New York, shouted publicly: Here we are, we are present! We are queer and we are coming after your children!

The likes of them have seized hold of the month of June to attack the common sense of humanity more and more each year, proudly showcasing who they are and what they are like. Here in Canada and America, and elsewhere in the world, they imposed their rainbow-colored flags and plastered their posters and stickers on the windows and doors of government institutions, schools, and restaurants.

They have been told countless times to go to hell with all their noise and practices; do as you please and how you please, but leave the rest of us, the “backward” ones, in peace for once. But no, that is not enough for them. They want to forcibly impose their way of life on us as the only right way of life. They started with tolerance but then transitioned to a realm of dominance, and as many people have experienced and described it as  open terror. “You are selfish,” a protesting student told them, “You want only your rights to be heard; you only have ears for what suits you and you don’t care about anyone else. Leave the school alone with your ideology.”

In this chaotic time, you can, more or less, say whatever comes to your mind without much consequence. I walk the streets of Toronto and other Canadian cities and I see how the Prime Minister, the president of Canada, as we might call him, is being “greeted” with the f word, from large posters, which, for the sake of decency, I cannot mention. People can spread such vulgar democracy everywhere, but when someone dares to stand up against homosexuals, the adžuvans, as Daničić calls them in his translation of the Old Testament, to speak a word or two in defense of God’s law, Christian morality, and all those values upon which society is built, they are immediately chastised, as an example for everyone.

“No one is above the law”, they say. But they are. This summer they paraded through Toronto and displayed their pride everywhere. Naked, as the day their poor mothers gave birth to them, they performed their lascivious acts in front of the onlookers, including young children. In one photograph, a child is seen gazing at one of these morons who was adorned with obscenities. All these transgressions, this shameless violation of public order, were calmly observed by the police. They were obviously told that the “proud ones” are allowed everything and that they must not be interfered with.

In this war for the souls of children, adults, it seems, have already been caught in the devil’s web of immorality, and huge resources are being invested. One can be left breathless, and jump out of one’s skin when reading about all the wrongdoings that the United Nations propagates in its documents. There is the inevitable Soros with tens of billions allocated for this purpose. “Bill Gates calls for decriminalizing pedophilia,” reads one headline. Another article reads: “Since 2010, the World Health Organization has been recommending that sexual education should begin from the child’s birth.” This organization, which subjected us to the unprecedented corona-terror and forever marred our lives, has issued guidelines for European schools, instructing teachers to encourage children from their earliest days to practice onanism. According to their guidelines, children aged nine to twelve can consciously and conscientiously decide whether to engage in certain experiences. Consent, they say, is of crucial importance.

Now I imagine some poor child, being alluringly smiled at by this devious fornicator, showering them with all kinds of games, sweets, and gifts for days. Whether this child is capable of making healthy and reasonable life decisions is questionable.

Dutch writer and journalist David Sorensen strongly warns that the United Nations and the World Health Organization are working to make pedophilia globally accepted. ” For months, I have gathered evidence – he says – which comprehensively and indisputably indicate that the UN and the WHO, along with other organizations like Planned Parenthood (the largest and most powerful abortion clinic – slaughterhouse in the world), the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, are working worldwide to take over education, starting from pre-school level.” They promote their “scientific” findings that children are sexual beings and that it is their “human right” to exercise that right. “Therefore, every child should have a partner and schools should instruct them to engage in sexual relationships from the earliest possible age. With the “International Technical Guidelines for Sexual Education” the United Nations promotes “comprehensive sexual education designed,” they claim, “to equip children and young people with knowledge and skills, relationships and values that will enable them to develop respectful social and sexual relationships.”

The progenitor of these ideas is German professor Helmut Kentler, who advocated for “sexual education in diversity”, and who, after his death, was found to have managed a pedophile network. In his time, he managed to persuade the city fathers of Berlin to entrust young delinquents and children to known pedophiles for “care”.

According to these malefactors, the school, entrusted with educating our children, is doing everything but what should be its primary role. There is an abundance of evidence for this. The randomly selected examples, which I will still have to cite, are taken from the western parts of this sin-laden planet of ours. However, this shouldn’t leave people from the East indifferent, as these malevolent forces are persistent, wealthy, and powerful, and sometime, most likely quite soon, they will knock on the door that, for now, is closed to them. The law on so-called gender equality, imposed from some other side and suddenly thrust upon Serbia for adoption, foretells and points to what awaits us all.

Under the innocuous name of “Planned Parenthood,” the American abortion mega slaughterhouse, arbitrarily, without properly asking for permission, devised an enticing “game” for students in the secluded Canadian province of Saskatchewan, titled “Cards: Applying Sex from A to Z.” There are 26 cards, corresponding to the English alphabet, each containing very explicit, mostly homosexual content. The instruction on the cover page states to shuffle the cards and have participants in an “intimate group” choose a card and inquire about a specific term. They are advised to discuss each term in a positive and encouraging context. Some explanations go so far as to recommend what they are explaining. “There’s an abundance of porn stuff, it’s up to you to find them,” they say when explaining the term under the letter P: pornography.

I have examined those cards and realized that, in my advanced years, thank God, I remained completely ignorant. God forbid, what is contained in there!

In school systems across America and Canada, in school libraries, some truly obscene books are included as mandatory reading; to call them indecent would be an understatement. On a YouTube channel, one can see parents gathering in a school in Virginia to protest against pornographic books assigned to children as reading material. Stacy Langton, one of the mothers, began to read aloud from one of these books, and officials interrupted her as the content was so inappropriate that it was prohibited by law to publicly present it. The governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, banned the distribution of pornographic literature in schools in his state. When he tried to explain to the public what it was all about, the cameras stopped rolling. Darkness fell.

What adults are not allowed to do due to public order and basic decency, is persistently imposed on children in all ways and from all sides.

To be continued