Euthanasia – merciless killing with “mercy” 1

Immediately before his earthly death, when asked by his disciples what the sign of His coming and of the end of the age will be (Matthew 24:3), the Lord, among other signs, announced the wars and rumours of wars. “For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines, and earthquakes in various places.” (Matthew 24:6-7) As the final indicator of His coming and of the eschatological times, our Lord Christ said: “And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold.” (Matthew 24:12)

I cannot recall a shorter but more condensed description of the times we live in.

For in the disgrace that surrounds us, which they call “merciful death” – euthanasia, one can find both: the lawful lawlessness and dark and cold human unlove.

The evil doers are well trained in their sarcastic language artistry. Their “Merciful Angel” spilled various deadly poisons over us, the Serbs, and reaped lives of many innocent men, women, and children using countless bombs, and missiles.

No matter what they say, or if their murderous intentions and evil deeds are nicely wrapped with a bow, euthanasia is still a bastard of human cruelty and arrogance pushed to the limits.

A tragic fate of a young American woman, Terry Schiavo, is vividly imprinted in my soul as a long-lasting memory. She was murdered at the end of 2005. Her murder is an example of how big a gap exists between something legal yet very unethical.

In her best young years – she just turned 26 at the time-she suffered a detrimental cardiac arrest. She was without the oxygen for too long and consequently, fell into a so-called “vegetative state”. Her husband Michael did not wait too long and legally required that his poor wife’s feeding tube be removed. Her poor parents desperately fought to pull their powerless child from the clutches of doctors and judges and to take care of her. The case reached the Supreme Court of the United States. Even Gorge Bush, the president at the time, intervened, but nothing helped. The County judge, who took the role of God, our Lord himself, so that he, a little man, can decide the life and death of other people, overpowered everyone and Terry’s feeding tube was removed. They deprived her of the last drop of water, and she, poor woman, died 13 days later of starvation.

And her husband Michael, did not waste any time again. After her death, he collected some insurance money. He barely waited for two months before marrying another woman. Some say and prove that he got involved with that other woman before Terry’s heart attack, and that he revealed their relationship during Terry’s suffering

History is repeating itself, which convinces us even more that the evil doers of the world are diligently and thoroughly working on their satanic plans. The French Supreme Court has decided on June 28, of this year-so a few days ago- to murder a young man, named Vincent Lambert. His legal wife is wholeheartedly advocating this murder through judges who think of themselves as gods. And devil only knows who is behind her

And again, as in Terry’s case, the poor parents fought desperately for the life of their son. The United nations intervened, mentioning article 25 f of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Even that did not help this poor young man.

We, the ordinary people, burdened with our day-to-day responsibilities: making ends meet, paying and balancing countless bills, raising our children, don’t see how the audacious and blasphemous, united with all devil forces, diligently do their job, and every single day, one thing at a time, put their demonic plan into action.

If you compared any of those chubby “world leaders” or potentates of all kinds with Hitler, you would be put into jail. They notoriously and shamelessly for the world to see do what their predecessor Hitler started and continued doing, but at least, quietly and secretly.

Euthanasia was generated by his dark mind.

They first started by “cleansing” the German nation, eliminating the “lives unworthy of lives”. They were killing persons with any physical or mental disability; justifying it with maintaining the German “racial cleanliness” and relieving the government budget.

In the spring and summer of 1939, the Nazis organized a secret killing of the disabled children. Not just anyone, but Hitler’s personal secretary Philipp Bouhler, and personal physician Karl Brandt managed and supervised these crimes. In August, of the same year, the Ministry of Health required from all physicians and midwives to show them all children to 3 years of age that were born with any physical or mental defect. Soon after that, an order was issued to all parents of disabled children, up to 17 years of age, to bring them to specialized hospitals established across Germany for that purpose.  It is estimated that during the war years at least five thousand children were euthanized – cruelly murdered.

It is never enough for the evil doers. As soon as they disobey one of the Gods Commandments they want more, and they want to go further. That way they pave the way to their master and their commander, the Antichrist. Antichrist’s mercenary, Adolf Hitler, didn’t wait long before he extended the program of killing powerless and innocent children to the adults. In autumn of 1939 he signed an act T4, which exempts all physicians and medical personnel from any legal responsibilities for killing their patients. Two of his trustees previously mentioned, ensured that 6 gas chambers were built immediately for the purpose of killing of the ill and the powerless. Any poor individual that was known to be sick for more than five years, “qualified” automatically for his/her death. In this manner, suffocation by carbon monoxide, between January 1940 and August 1941 – which could be clearly seen from the meticulous German records of the T4 program – 20, 273 persons were killed.

German clergy raised their voice against these crimes. The Bishop of Münster, Clemens August Graf von Galen was the harshest in his sermons. The Nazis did not kill him so that they don’t make him a martyr, but they publicly hanged two of his priests. They did, however, suspend their killing program, only to expand it and expedite it shortly afterwards. The tragic results of the Nazi euthanasia reached multi million figure killings.

The evil doers, no matter if they are doctors, judges, members of parliament, or whatever title they use to identify themselves, and no matter from which part of this sin-burdened planet they come, and no matter what kind of differences divide them, they are united and unanimous in their thirst for human blood and lives.

This legalized lawlessness is spreading worldwide. Some countries legalized “merciful” killing a long time ago, others approve physician assisted dying, while some others like Belgium and Holland, legalized both. In 2002, euthanasia was legalized in Holland. In 2010, in Holland, 2910 people were killed, and only 7 years later, in 2017, 6,306 persons, that were old and sick, were killed by euthanasia.

After the killing of the powerless and the incurable, they moved onto killing the chronically ill slowly transitioning to the elderly. Shortly after that, it was turn of the innocent and powerless children. In Belgium they abolished the age limit. The first child that was the victim of that inhuman law, died in 2016. In Canada, the prisoners are included in the queue, and they talk about including children in that deadly file. The doctors in one of the most renowned hospitals of the world, in Toronto, are starting up that avalanche, and they go so far in their insane demands that they do not want to consult nor even inform the parents of those children who are sentenced to death, about the planned death sentence that is about to happen to their children.