Imminent future is even worse for Christians

Christians are the most persecuted people in the world by reason of their faith. The numbers are astronomical: 245 million. One in nine Christians is persecuted. In the first half of this year, 2019, 4136 Christians were killed worldwide; each month 345; and every single day 11 Christians, on average, die for their faith. On every bully’s whim the Christians are persecuted, locked up and jailed, and held in their casemates with no verdict or defence whatsoever. On average 219 Christians are deprived of freedom every month. Over a hundred Christian churches are attacked, burnt, or destroyed every month.

Christian women are the most vulnerable. They are being abducted, taken, raped, and forced to deny their faith in large numbers. The Christian victims of the United States, and Canada and other “western democratic countries” have not been added to these horrifying numbers.

I will write about that later.

North Korea has been infamously the leader for 18 consecutive years in malfeasance and cruelty to Christians. One of these summer days, when the president of the United States theatrically, as only he can do, stepped onto the Korean soil, it never even crossed his mind to ask how they treated Christians in that country. It is probably better that way, because who knows, his friend from the other side of the barb wire could have asked him some awkward questions. “Christians are endangered in the United States” is the message of the book that came out recently. This warning did not come from anyone, or from a Christian, but from a Jew who claims to not be religious. David Horowitz, who is the best-selling author according to “New York Times”. The dangers that are hanging over the American Christians he summed up in his book: “Dark Agenda – The War to Destroy Christian America”.

Secular atheists try, and slowly become successful in making American society godless, return it to paganism and exterminate Christianity. “War against Christianity is a reality, and it is happening right before our eyes’, he said. The leftist ideology cannot stand the scent of incense. The leftists and the Christians are two completely different concepts. They judge and anathematize; they ridicule and persecute all the values that Christians promote and defend

And I, along with many others, can see that things are not different nor better here in Canada. The famous Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms states that every person has the right to their own opinion and declaration, freedom of religion, peaceful gatherings and unions. The Charter did not exclude Christians from these rights, but these rights have been very often denied and disclaimed to Christians, and even directly trampled in practice

The Federal Government, every year uses part of the money collected from all of us, to fund summer jobs for students. Instructions they created were clear and explicit: all those who advocate the protection of life, and are against abortion, and those who fight for family values – and who else than Christians – would be excluded from this government project. Reactions to this type of discrimination were harsh and numerous, so our celebrity male model changed his decision. The truth is still in his mind and minds of those other leaders that Christians are second, or who knows which, class citizens, and that they are unwelcome

The father of the above-mentioned individual claimed that there was no room for the government in beds of its citizens. His son and everyone around him sure do pry into beds and behinds of their citizens, forcing all sorts of perversities into Canadian society. Woe betide those who dare say anything, let alone publicly express their Christian views

At the beginning of June of this year, a pastor named David Lynn was arrested, because he preached God at an intersection in Toronto where “those ones” are the most numerous. They surrounded him, yelled at him, swore at him, spat on him, and even physically assaulted him. Adzuvani (man lovers) – as Djura Danicic called them in his translation of the Holy Script – have no mercy for those who dare talk about any science different from theirs and those that preach the word of God

Even though pastor David didn’t mention them, but he spoke about the love of God for all human race, the police was called to handcuff him as a criminal. And when he tried to explain that he never offended anyone but that on the contrary he was the one who was crowded in and assaulted, the police covered their ears.

We can clearly see from this example, and unfortunately from many others, that one group of people is above the law while the other is exposed to lawlessness. On these same streets of Toronto, before the eyes of millions of people, and numerous policemen, those adzuvani (man lovers) parade completely naked, make insolent acts, simulate sexual intercourse, and nobody questions them on public order and decency.

The trial for pastor David Lynn is scheduled for July 10, of this year. 

A few days before this case, there was a case in the opposite end of Canada, in the province of British Columbia, where a father, with court id “K.D”, was convicted for addressing his daughter the way female children are addressed. His daughter, who is 14 years old, in puberty, an age when the hormones are boiling and the mind is confused, had an idea that she could be – male. Her “progressive” mother supports her completely, and now they cram her with artificial hormones to change her physical appearance.

Freedom of conscience and religion, opinion and expression, freedom of assembly and association are fundamental rights guaranteed by the Charter. An eighty-three-year old man, a Catholic priest, Fr. Tony Van Hee sits in front of the tall Parliament building whenever the House of Commons is in session, for 28 years, wearing a sandwich board which says on one side: “The Primacy of Free Speech Cornerstone of Western Civilization” and on the other: “Without Free Speech The State is a Corpse”. His testimony of the truth became intolerable for the leftists, which have the majority now in Parliament, so the police is there to remove him from there with or without the use of force.

They found “the reason”. Namely, former government of Ontario passed a “democratic” bill by which anyone found within 60 meters of an abortion clinic and its other facilities would be subject to arrest and trial. Fr. Tony, when he demonstrated his Christian beliefs, in October of 2018, was not in the prohibited zone of the abortion clinic but on the border of the permitted zone. He got arrested and the trial is scheduled for July 6. According to this bill if any passerby, unaware of what type of building it is, wore a shirt with a statement that could be offensive to anyone, such as: “I love Christ”, would be arrested.

Some time before this incident, same thing happened to an older man, a Christian named Cyril Winter. He was also scheduled for trial. He fooled them: he died before the trial

Freedom of belief, speech and assembly, and equality before the law; if it doesn’t exist in North Korea, does it exist in Canada?

A married couple with no children, “L. and A.”, applied to adopt a child. They went through all the questionnaires and instructions only for their hope to be crushed with the crucial question: what their attitude towards homosexuality and other, similar, “vital” issues to Canadian society was. If they believed in “long ago outdated” Biblical norms. They answered that they were Christians; that they loved all people, and they were tolerant to other people’s beliefs, and that if their child showed tendency to be homosexual, they would absolutely respect that.  They were rejected, directly, without reservation. Their Christian beliefs do not match the policy of the respective agency.

A great confessor and arduous witness of Christ, William Gary Whatcott, known as Bill Whatcott, wrote a book about his arrests and incarcerations. If one followed everything that happened in this man’s life, one could write not one but many books. At the age of 14, he was homeless and had to live on the street. By the age of 18 he experienced all the profoundness of sin. When he started believing in Christ, he abandoned his old lifestyle, and ever since he tirelessly and persistently points out the destructive effect of abortion and homosexuality. In Saskatchewan, he was arrested 6 times, but he was never convicted. So, a man-lover is upset with him, calls the police, points his finger at him, and he finds himself behind the bars. He was arrested in the United States as well. In Ontario, he was arrested no less than twenty times.

About 25 years ago, in September 1994, he was convicted to jail because he was in the vicinity of an abortion clinic and speaking against this crime. He tried in various ways to illustrate God’s law to the sinners. In August 2014, he infiltrated the “pride” parade. He entered with the false alias of Matthew Davidson with the Church of the “Flying Spaghetti Monsters” and handed out fake condoms which contained messages against their sexual orientation. In Toronto “pride” parade, dressed up as a clown, he distributed “safe sex” packets that contained horrifying images of diseases caused by homosexuality. For this reason, there is a lawsuit filed against him seeking damages to the “proud ones” of $104 million CAD.

From one arrest to another, from one trial to another, his sufferings have no end. He even reached the Supreme Court of Canada that will soon decide his case.

There is no hope that it will ever be better. David Cook, a fearless witness of Christ, recently asked himself what would happen to the Christians in the future. “What is next? Concentration camps for believing Christians? As it seems, this is not far from reality.”

And truly, our Lord said he would put us through suffering. “Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death and you will be hated by all nations because of me.” (Matthew 24:9)” And you will be dragged before governors and kings for my sake.’ (Matthew 10:18)

“But the one who endures to the end will be saved.” (Matthew 24:13)

But there is one thing that was made easy for us Christians in all these situations. Some know-it-all can sweat for hours trying to prove to me that there are some five-six genders. And all I need to do is simply ask: “Haven’t you read that at the beginning the Creator made them ‘male and female’.” (Matthew 19:4

Same for any other, forcefully imposed, demonic question, the answers are given to us. Therefore, Christ’s promise that we don’t need to worry what we will say when they take us before the judges is clear to us. We will be given what to say at that time. “For it will not be you speaking, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.” (Matthew 10:19-20)