There is nobody like us

During all these years that God gave to me, I have been to many parts of the world; I have seen all sorts of things, among which many different anomalies

Last summer, blessed with a new status of a retired man, I had an opportunity to tour the land of Serbs for a much longer time than ever in the past thirty something years

Like I said, I travelled the world, and I believe I haven’t seen as many blessings and God’s kindness poured over one nation. I have seen and I still see achievements accomplished by mankind, but I repeat, not in one part of this Earth have I seen that much of God’s grace so abundantly scattered around as in the land of Serbs

However, my dear brothers and sisters, I haven’t witnessed greater insolence towards our good Lord under the sun as I have here with pitiful Serbs. There is no such insane ungratefulness anywhere. Yes, I have been to California, where, long time ago, an avalanche of resistance to God’s law and order was instigated. As much as this calamity is widespread around the world, one can still live his/her own life, and more or less, organize it to the best of his/her abilities and beliefs

However, among the Serbs that is not the case. A Serb can twist the knife in the wound; he can insult you to tears without even blinking. Moreover, he/she does it unknowingly; he/she will hurt you without being aware of it.

What is it

It is the swearing, my dear brothers and friends, that anomaly and pest. Terrible and foul swearing everywhere one turns; in the land of Serbs one cannot escape it

That havoc, that curse, that calamity, that peculiarity one cannot find anywhere else in the world. I have been to many places in the world; I have been living for three decades in the American continent and I have been meeting people of many different cultures, religions, and traditions.

When I was younger I have studied languages; some of the foreign languages I have learned in my school years, but I have never seen such anomaly that could be found among Serbs and that has spread out like leprosy. There is no language in the world that is so carcinogenic and contaminated with such filthy swear words. If I were not afraid of the evil, I would suggest that you read a study that investigates, on many pages, the “richness” of the Serbian language regarding foul swear words

I was at a health resort for health reasons. Pool with therapeutic water, and in it many of us of all kinds, gathered from many different places. When one hears swearing of everything most sacred to human kind, when one is forced to listen to blaspheming of God’s name, his Holy Mother, and swearing of almost all saints mentioned in the Calendar, then one feels like he would rather be rolling in the mud with pigs than to be sharing the therapeutic water with those poor people

I went to see the therapist and to complain about it; a good man, but powerless. There’s no cure for that kind of plague. No place to hide from it or to be free from it. Swearing – God forbid – of God and His saints has become a favourite saying among the Serbs, and a helping word in communication. One will swear God without even realizing what he’s done

My wife and I went to a dinner in a restaurant. We asked around and ostensibly we made the selection. How much the air in that ostensible restaurant is polluted and contaminated, that much, or even more, it is encompassed with swear words whirling all around. We finished eating what was served to us in a rush wanting to get out of there as quickly as possible. We left there feeling seek to the stomach and to the soul. One cannot wash away that filth even with a thorough bathing

Nowhere, I repeat for the third time, God has poured more of His kindness than over us, sinful Serbs

I drove from Niagara to Vancouver, from one Canadian coast to the other, thousands of kilometers. I have been all over United States. I have also been to the large country of Russia, and I have spent time in other parts of the world. In all my travels, I do not remember that while driving, in any country, other than Serbia, I could have found fruit to pick and eat. God forbid there was hunger, one could hardly ever find something to eat to restore the strength

In the land of Serbs, however, the fruits and vegetables thrive everywhere. The soil moans under the load. Abundance is everywhere. People walk over it; even the pigs are satiated. We scatter around grocery stores searching organic foods, and in Serbia they cannot even pick it all

And how do Serbs show their gratitude to God for the abundance of His gifts? Here’s how: they cast aspersions in a form of swear words on God the giver, they insult Him, they speak ill of Him, they nail Him to the cross

Does it ever come into the obtuse heads of these Serbs, the swearers, how they would feel if some brut swore their mother and insulted constantly people who were most dear to them

Serbs like to talk, with paranoia, about “Heavenly Serbia”, about their greatness, about conspiracy of the whole world against us because we are the “chosen people” and not to mention our other nonsense

Will anyone see God, ridiculed and crucified, in our own fate

And, after this unfortunate experience – I don’t even want to mention others – I say with great sadness: there is no salvation for us. We are people, who are now on a steep hill sliding down, and we are heading straight into our extermination and disappearance. We insult God so much, and we have already insulted Him so much, that even if we, for some reason, stopped with our indecencies, I believe He, already fed up with us, would give up on us.