What lies ahead for us -1-


On Thursday, February 22, 2021, the American Congress, in which leftists, Democrats, now have the upper hand, passed a law perfidiously called the Equality Act, which sanctions and cements the already existing violence and the dictatorship of the media and other sorts of enemies of God

One deceit should be pointed out first. The First Amendment to the American States Constitution, created by the founders of America, who were personally very pious people, prohibits all discrimination against any religion. Congress cannot establish a religion, the amendment states, or prohibit the free exercise of religion, restrict freedom of speech and expression, the right of citizens to assemble peaceably, etc

The separation of church and state was established in the olden days. Atheists, of all kinds and profiles, fought with all their might for it

Now, however, a new religion of atheism, secularism and liberal “orthodoxy” is spreading and invading the world. This religion knows no mercy. In the name of “freedom” and “democracy”, the freedom to have a dissenting opinion or a different belief system is crushed. It is the so-called woke religion. In the name of that religion, and all under the guise of protecting minorities – the LGBTQRS population is what is meant here, with perseverance and reckless persistence, Christian faith is pushed back, buried in the “dark ground” and beaten by the devil’s hooves

This woke term originated in America – where else could it come from – and it should denote constant vigilance for social, racial and sexual justice and equality. These days, however, the religion of that minority has become the only one protected in America, and the American state supports and imposes that “church” on its citizens. The American president has already pushed this bill through Congress, and he promised in the election campaign that he would sign it into the law within the first hundred days of his presidency.

So, what is this all about? This law favours sexual orientation, and whatever that phenomenon implies, over believers and forces them, whether they like it or not, to accept a way of life contrary to their religious beliefs. The question of who is sleeping with whom and how, has become a question of life and death. There is the robbing and stealing of the rich on the one side, and inequality, homelessness, hunger and poverty of the increasingly poor on the other, and yet no one seems to see or care for this

We remember when, in Colorado, a homosexual couple asked some religious confectioners to prepare a “wedding cake” for their “wedding”. These, following their Christian beliefs, refused to do so, which resulted in them ending up in court after all kinds of trouble, but luckily, they somehow managed to defend themselves.

Now, according to this law, that will no longer be possible.  All defense is gone now. If such people show up in front of any priest in America, Orthodox ones included, of course, and ask him to marry them, no one will consider his personal belief and conscience, and the position of his Church on that issue; he has to, God forbid, place them before the holy altar and commit blasphemy. He will not be able to invoke the God as his witness, and point out to the judge the words of God, spoken in the Third Book of Moses and repeated many times through the holy prophets and apostles. Legislators of this day and age pushed God out of their own souls long time ago and now, with all their might, they are tearing Him out of the souls of all to whom their power reaches. That poor priest will have to trample on his dignity, or take off his vestment and become a taxi or truck driver, just to earn a living.

The challenge of conscience and the test of faith, according to this law, also lies before the bishops, first and foremost the Orthodox. A woman comes before him and asks to be ordained. She finished relevant theological schools; she is of sound health, she meets all necessary requirements, so now, let the bishop just try and reject her! Or let’s imagine that two gay men – adžuvans as Daničić called them in Serbian translation of the Old Testament, ask an agency to adopt a child. No matter what the authorities in the agency feel – who asks for their opinion anyway – they will have to give that child over. An atheist walks into a seminary, and if he has the support of his brothers and sisters from the woke community, it would be considered that he too is meeting the requirements, and he would have to be accepted, even though the one requirement which is deemed the most important by the Church, is not met. The more he sinned against children, killing God within their souls, the greater his protection

The Equality Act erases boundaries between male and female private rooms, toilets, locker rooms, bathrooms, etc. A guy announces that half an hour ago, he had felt an impulse to change his gender; he felt that he was a woman, and straight into the woman’s toilet, locker room, bathroom he went. There will be cases like the one in Decatur, Georgia, where an eighteen-year-old boy assaulted a five-year-old girl in a women’s toilet

At various sports competitions, all of a sudden men became “women”, and now they are wiping the floor with their opponents and taking away all medals, leaving the poor girls to cry over their destiny as they are being left behind. I expect a women’s kick-boxing match to be announced any time soon, and that some macho massacres some poor girl in the ring.