COVID 19 Announcing the Antichrist – 2

As I have said before, it is not my intention to try and guess how this virus appeared, and if it was invented by a devil-guided mind, and what its purpose is. I would just like to warn you again that everything that is happening to us, is developing according to the scenario that only Antichrist would wish for. Somewhere in his burrow in hell, Lucifer is laughing so loudly that the earth is shaking.

While I write this, I, myself, am in self-isolation. Heavy clamps in my mind don’t allow me to even look at the door. All this time a whirlpool, a storm of all sorts of thoughts: how long will this catastrophe last? Will there be enough food? And if there is enough food who will dare to bring it to us? God forbid any illness: cross your arms and surrender your soul to God. What will happen to those poor people that live from paycheck to paycheck when the checks stop coming? I stare longingly out the window; cloudy outside, gloomy in my mind.

Dear friends,

We must use our intelligence that was given to us by God, and to interpret the times, so that God does not reprimand us like He reprimanded the pharisees long time ago, that we do not know how to interpret the “signs of times” (Matthew 16:3) In many places in the Holy Script,  even in the Old Testament, God identified the times in which we are living, and the difficult and even more difficult times to come. In chapter 24 of the Gospel of Matthew God illustrated His warnings in more detail.  Holy fathers of the Orthodox Church have elaborately analyzed and interpreted Lord’s testimonies. I don’t have enough time or space to present the recent interpretations of the Holy fathers, even in the shortest form. I will just mention a few of the Christ’s warnings that I found interesting long time ago.

God indicated the multiplication of lawlessness and love growing cold as the key signs of the last days. We were always selfish, but nowadays, the human selfishness and inconsiderateness are poking our eyes and our hearts. Some unfortunate guy, somewhere in America, grabbed 18,000 bottles of hand sanitizer, planning to resell them at a tenfold price. I watched images of selfish people devastating the stores. You cannot even find toilet paper anywhere anymore. One guy loaded the cart with plastic bottles of salad seasoning. You can clearly see enormous amount of the same seasoning that he, a selfish wretch, could not use in his 5 meaningless lives. The other woman grabbed containers of milk. She could have fed a whole village. I hope it went bad before she reached home.

Lieutenant Governor of Texas, Dan Patrick, publicly and without a trace of shame, advocates killing  the elderly. World is full of demonized people who advocate killing  the elderly and the helpless masking it with some “merciful” reasons, but this sinner clearly reveals that he is doing it for purely economic reasons. “Ask to be murdered, let your grandchildren live.”

Lord warned us that the lawlessness will multiply. “Satan’s strategy is this: make the sin as attractive as possible to the man using the most perfect cosmetics that the evil mind of Satan could invent, and that way hunt for people to convince them to abandon God.” said the Holy father St. Justin of Celije.

When suddenly the faith in our Lord the Christ starts fading in the hearts of humans; when the majority of people start willingly choosing evil, and doing evil, and loving evil; and when Lord lets them, as they wish, to sink into the impurity, into shameful passions, into wretched mind, and they start committing every wrongdoing, every sin, with love of evil and opposing God; and when by way of these willingly done evil human deeds, devils conquer the majority of people that have abandoned the only Savior of the world, Lord Christ; – that’s when God will allow their supreme ruler in opposing God  – Antichrist to appear; to which they scurry and hurry by means of their voluntary evil deeds.” teaches us our holy father of Celije.

Even in our darkest dreams we could not imagine misdeeds that are happening right before our eyes. All anomalies that insult God have spread all over the world. Woe betide those who dare to say even one word of disapprova.l

Until recently we had two genders: male and female, just how God created us; and we all understood everything clearly. Now, suddenly a multitude of genders and transgenders. Right away I had a feeling that this chaos and confusion is the dirty work of the Antichrist. I wondered if this lawlessness was going to end; would it ever stop. I see now that it will not end. Obscure Chinese philosopher – not-philosopher К’ ang Yu-Wei (1858-1927), at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the most unfortunate one, the 20th century, made up a recipe for breaking the basic law of God, and for two centuries now, those opposing law and opposing God very diligently follow that recipe.

He said that “all differences between genders will disappear, Once the human race is united, there is no reason to stop there – they should continue. The differences between humans and animals should disappear. The animals will enter the kingdom. The Buddhists also respect plants very much; therefore, the plants will enter that kingdom as well, and, in the end, all of the non-animal world. So, at the end of the world there will be an absolute utopia of all living creatures, that somehow got mixed up, and they will all be absolutely equal.