COVID 19 Announcing the Antichrist -1

It is not my intention to add my theory on the origin and the purpose of this unfortunate virus named CORONA, and then renamed COVID 19.

People close to me witnessed to what I had said, as soon as this corona plague started, about the path it was going to take and what it would bring along. I could foresee it from my scarce knowledge of the last days and the coming of the Antichrist.

I also do not intend to analyze whether the draconian measures, that almost every government of every country in the world have taken, are justified or not. I would like to point out that, willingly or unwillingly, everything is happening according to the scenario that the master Lucifer had prepared for his master Antichrist. If we ever wondered how the whole world could be incarcerated and how it could be led into death and hunger, I hope it becomes a bit clearer now.

I few years ago, in 2014 to be exact, in Sao Paolo, a rehearsal for crowning the Antichrist was performed. And whatever is happening now – and who knows how long it will last – is just a prelude to the tragedy that will happen to the human race.

Powerless, we watch the basic human rights and freedoms being drastically limited and trampled over by the police and military boots.

As the first example, I’ll take the United States of America, a “great country” that for centuries, has been giving free advice to all about democracy. The United States of America has scattered misery over every part of the world, and they have caused death of many innocent people with that democracy mantra of theirs.

“Governments across America already used the pandemic, and the media-stoked panic around the pandemic, to limit or remove First Amendment that guarantees freedoms of speech and free association, with officials talking about the potential restraints on the freedom of religion imposed upon them. “says notable expert in constitutional law, Robert Barnes. He reminds us of the movie “V for Vendetta” made at the beginning of this century. The movie shows the situation like what we are going through right now. A group of people invented a destructive virus which killed about 100,000 people in England; they caused panic and destabilization; they seized the power; they introduced the power of terror; and along the way they got rich from selling the vaccine they had already had prepared.

Sounds familiar.

All over America, and all over the world, criminals are freed from jails, while honest, working people are placed under curfew and quarantine. American governments give themselves the authority to, at will, imprison anyone for no reason, without any cause or criminal activity, and what’s worst without any due process of law and right to protection. “The real pandemic threat is putting the constitution under a quarantine.” says Barnes. Government is acting like a virus infecting our bodies and our minds following our movements using, until recently unimaginable devices, spying on us, listening to our conversations and watching our gatherings. NSA collects our emails, conversations, texts, and goes through our internet browsing. The watching eye could be high up in the satellites, which, at first, we would think are stars. It could be Alexa, computer cam, or phone camera, or who knows what else.

The founders of the United States – says this lawyer – were indeed familiar with pandemics, viruses, and plagues, but they never even thought of suspending constitutional liberties. There isn’t even one word in the Constitution about plagues and pandemics that gives the governments the authority to violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

That’s how it is in America, and unfortunately, all around this unfortunate world.  The European Union’s “wild goose chase” about human freedoms, open borders, and other “democratic achievements” has tumbled down into the turbid European waters. All European countries – like all countries of the world after all – have closed their borders, suspended all flights, drastically limited all transportation, and banned the entry to all non-citizens.

Not to mention human rights. In Serbia, which by the way is denied entering that “promised land” even though it is doing everything, even breaking itself apart, to please that unfortunate Europe, at the first news of a few infected individuals they imposed a curfew. At this moment, the president is threatening with a 24-hour curfew.

If police catch some unfortunate Italian on the street, he/she will pay big money and he/she will also be imprisoned for a few months. Children can be taken away from their parents and taken into the unknown without any legal proceedings.

In Spain they imposed enormous fines and a possibility of imprisonment for up to a year and a half.

In Great Britain, any police officer, if suspecting that an individual is infected by the virus, he/she can deprive that poor individual of his/her freedom right on the spot. Suddenly, police officers are medical experts, while real doctors are left without basic equipment for detecting and treating the virus.

It is a phenomenon what is going on in Asia. In Singapore, if people happen to be less than two meters apart, they are to be fined in the amount of 10,000 Singapore dollars – which is about 7000 US dollars. In India, more than a billion people are forced into home quarantines. Listing countless examples of abolishing human liberties all over this poor world could take us very far. Hordes of media and “wise” professors insist and angrily demand that this is not where we stop. American Cornell Law School professor, Michael Dorf, says: “Lock us down, arrest us, take us to the court, save the nation.