Wearisome more than one can say

“Everything is wearisome more than one can say; the eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hearing.” (Ecclesiastes 1:8)

One must wonder: will this insanity ever end; will the evildoers ever stop; so that we can at least obtain a respite. Because every single day leads from one misdeed to another; from one morbidity to another, even worse than before. What seemed impossible and incredible the other day; things we could never imagine happening are now happening right before our eyes. And, scared, we ask ourselves: if things that scare us ever came to be in the agenda of the evildoers, where would we, those who are not with them, go, where would we hide, and how would we protect ourselves and our children

Events that instigated my gloomy and troublesome thoughts are many, and day by day, they become more numerous

However, the immediate cause that torments my soul are those that are called transgenders

I still haven’t found a good translation for this English neologistic compound word. This phenomenon has grown in the West and they found a word for their sin. But everything comes down to the following: when God created this beautiful world – and when he crowned his creative playfulness with the creation of a man – “male and female he created them.” (Genesis 1:27) The Creator determined and emphasized two genders, unlike nowadays five or six categories and sub-categories and who knows what not. God’s rival, and age-old adversary, the devil, Lucifer, instilled in the mind of a sinful man the idea that the matter of gender is not God’s will but the matter of a personal choice. You can be a man till noon today, and then, in the afternoon, if it pleases you, you can become a woman. Woe betide those who dare to ask questions regarding this topic. It is nobody else’s but your absolute right

Since the devil, the deceiver, threw people into confusion, he also destroyed the barrier that kept everything in God’s order, so, from the torrent of sin, emerge many monstrous phenomena that a reasonable man cannot comprehend

Not one thing that the destroyers of the God’s barrier do did come as a coincidence and without any previous preparation. They have been disassembling the mind of a poor man slowly and gradually for years or should I say for centuries: they bomb him every day, they dilute and brainwash him, they bring down his moral consciousness to nothing; so, this de-divinized and disoriented man believes everything is okay. Everything can be justified, every nonsense has its sense, so the sinful humankind is approaching its inevitable end

Thirty percent of the surveyed Americans believe that their Father Christmas, or Santa Claus should be Mother Christmas or better yet, gender neutral and undefined monster “Enough – they say – of that rickety old man”

Early December, at the Asian Women’s Handball Championship, held in Japan, a male player from the Australian team, literally a two-hundred-pound and two-meter-tall man, recently proclaimed himself a woman, he pounced upon women like a hawk upon chickens, and caused a helter-skelter. Poor women unable to do anything to stop him – cried. Hannah Mouncey, as he calls himself now, just a few months ago, before he changed his gender, played for the Australian men’s national handball team

I now expect to see boxers emerging from the closets and starting to beat up women in the rings and winning the trophies.

First thing that came to my mind when I read the article about this man, and when I saw his photo – and the photo, trust me, tells it all – was how will the feminists react to that: will they raise their powerful voice. If feminism will not protect the real nature of women, what will. And they truly are powerful. A judge can only dare to try to make a decision that is not in their favour, and then see what will happen to him

I followed the faith of one extremely popular Torontonian host, Ghomeshi, a very perspicacious man. He is a very well-educated, well-read, brave, and – why I thought he was untouchable – extreme left-wing. The fact that he was left-wing bothered me very much, but I tolerated it since I knew that was the only way for him to get his spot

Anyhow, women accused him of inappropriate relationships with them, rape, and all sorts of things. There was trial that lasted very long. Female complainants took turns, gave statements regarding various things, all with no evidence at all. In the end, the man was pronounced not guilty, and the judge set him free

I expected the man would go back to work. Like hell: he can be freed by all the courts in the world, but the court of feminists does not forgive. Some time ago he tried to explain his point of view, to regain his reputation in the eyes of the public. The editor apologized and try to clear things up, but with no success

In the case of that hawk among the chickens, I expected that the feminists protected their gender. To my surprise, this is what I see: they are keeping it quiet, or they accepted the unacceptable. And that further confirms that this transgender phenomenon follows a strictly drawn devil’s plan of trampling on God’s will

The media announce with fanfare the case of three boys from Texas. They say the boys got confused about their gender, so they decided to become girls. Children, only about twelve years old, make such crucial and far-reaching decision. They even gave them girl names: Lily Mars, Fiona Jefferson, and Zuri Jones. With the support of their parents they will go through a long medical treatment that will stop their natural development and alter it into that of a girl. Even now, at the beginning of the process they will cram them with medications that will block the male hormones. Between the ages of 14 and 16 they will cram them with female hormones, and when they reach the age of 18, they will perform the inevitable surgery

And then someone tells me that those children do such things on their own; that they took the money from their piggy banks to pay those doctors, the evildoers; and that the children hired all the media to tell their story

The worst part is that this kind of madness has no end. What is next? Most fear that it could be the sick abuse of the most vulnerable – the children. If all the barriers of God’s law are destroyed, the law that protected humans from the brutes, and if this sinful path of the personal and inviolable right to every sin is followed, who will stand up and stop the torrent

A Dutchman, Emile Ratelband, from Arnhem near Amsterdam, in the spirit of these crazy times, submitted an application to the court to legally change his age. Here’s how he explained it: if my sexual orientation is the matter of my personal liking and my personal affect, then my age is the matter of my personal decision. I feel like – he said – I am 48 and not 68 years old, and I want the court to confirm that. Also, he is a coach, and he said that the decreased age would help him very much professionally

If this crazy world is set upon following this precipitous path of Lucifer, I don’t see how the judge could decline this request and still justify many others from the same mental frame

No one dares to end this torrent. Left-wing does not put up with any opposition. Democracy doesn’t exist. They use the word democracy to reach their goals; when that happens alas those who dare to stand in their way

Their behaviour shows us what it will be like once their ruler, the Antichrist comes to rule

In the US, the First Amendment, the one that was inviolable because it guaranteed the freedom of mind and religion, is now thrown in the trash. It does not pertain to Christians anymore

A high school teacher, Peter Vlaming, in once conservative Virginia, refused to use a pronoun “he” when he referred to a transgender student that he knew to be a girl. He was prepared to go as far as using the student’s new name, but not any further than that because of his religious views. So, he was fired. The children took his side, protested, but without any success

Regarding the boor among the women handball players, Martina Navratilova spoke too fast and said that it was not fair to have a man compete against women. The crows and ravens croaked, many snakes hissed, and Navratilova hid into a corner. She heaped ashes on her head and committed to learning more on the issue and promised to educate herself more next time

And we, Christians do not have to rack our brains. We know that God’s law is for all times and that it is unchangeable. Because our Lord too, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. (Hebrews 13:8)