Judges, the slaves of the sin

Thank God that the dismay and world embarrassment is over – the “reality show” about confirming of who is now the Judge of the Supreme Court of America

If the whole world was loudly laughing to the first man of “the only superpower” when he shamelessly lied to the statesmen of all countries about the supposedly great successes of the country of America under his leadership, and during the masquerade with the attestation of Judge Cavanaugh, the world could, along with him, to tear and cry

It is sad that the man of his moral (poor) quality – because they say that, among many, he is the blasphemer and the bully – is confirmed as the judge of the highest court of the “most powerful country of the world”. And if they were lying – as they turned out to be – then it is even more sad that they could do so publicly and shamelessly

Above all there is a question of the famous Western democracy. The first letter of that, so-called, democracy would be –as it is read and declarated everywhere – that the judiciary in the West is objectively and individually independent. The judges are–they say – above all parties and political streams

If so, then why every president can hardly wait for some of the existing judges, that his predecessor, political rival, has pushed in to the Supreme Court, goes to meet his God, so that he can, according to his political convictions, in all the ways he can, push his candidate in? Do judges judge the United States, and every other supreme court of “Western democracies”, by justice or by their political commitments or by the instructions of their president, employers

The question of the court and judges in the West, and, it seems, everywhere in the world, is not at all harmless. Judges are given, or have themselves grabbed, rights and powers that go beyond human frames. The judge is the master of life and death

If, once, he was an interpreter of the law, he now became a legislator. I’m afraid to say, but I have to: god on earth

In the West, and, again, wherever in the world, there are parliaments, senate, upper lower homes, and all kinds of human entertainment. Respected, fat, they are sitting in these high places and, so important, they bring laws. For this, the people “choose” them. My God, what kinds of parades-are those elections? Really exciting. The candidates go everywhere, they will mince for votes; they promise “stars and moon”. They spend huge amounts of money in order to be elected, in order to sacrifice themselves for “the greater good”. And when they sit in their lofty places, for days, and years, they debate some law. In the end, they pass this law. And then some of the judges there, from any American middle of nowhere, judges on his own; he overthrows the law and orders the parliament to, according to his ideas and instructions, revise or bring a new law

Thinking over this, and on the occasion of the nuisance of the confirmation of Judge Cavanaugh, I have gone through the extremely controversial judicial cases of redundancy and fateful shaping of the American society. The list is too long and it all comes down to the fact that the judges played the god on earth and, by breaking the existing laws, crushed and trampled in unbelievable, and in the eternity of God’s valid laws

I also have a reminder of homosexual turmoil and the realization of their “rights”; to the present, their violent push in every possible life situation, opportunity and disorder; to the point that normal people will soon – if not already now – have to justify themselves as being normal and following God’s law and will. Certain Lorenz sued the state of Texas and the judges of the Supreme Court, in 2003, in Chicago, annulled a law that banned sodomy. Recently, in March 2015, the Supreme Court, in a lawsuit filed by some Obergefel, legalized homosexual marriages and ordered states of the United States to admit these kind of relationships, even those that were concluded anywhere in the world

The most prestigious and, certainly, the most tragic decision of the Supreme Court of America was made in 1973 when the killing of the most beloved and most daring creature of God, a child in the womb of his (her) mother, was legalized. This made the judges break the barriers of God and allow the killing of millions of helpless little children. It is the greatest genocide in the history of this, burdened by the sin, the planet Earth

It would take a long time to show that at the end of July this year, in 2018, a certain Canadian judge, Robert Del Frate, being built by God Almighty, determined that human life, the soul of man, is worth $2,875, Canadian

A long time ago, I was convinced that whenever a sinful man wants to overthrow his destiny from the hands of God, to curb and punish God’s law, the easiest, fastest and most effective way for him is to find someone like him, the judge and the judge will seal his desire with hard and unbreakable seals

The sinful man has forgotten and thrown off his back, his task and his powers – from anyone else than from the Lord God himself – was given. The overwhelming, and sole, task of the judges is not to violate, but to defend and maintain the law of God

The first it was, briefly and clearly, pronounced by Sara to Abraham in their marriage dispute and misunderstanding: “The Lord will judge me and you.” (Genesis 16:5) In the confrontation with Saul, David called on the Lord, saying: “May the Lord judge between me and you” (1 Samuel 24:13

Judges and the judiciary are God’s institutions. As it was created, and why it became, it is best seen from Chapter 18 of the Second Book of Moses. It describes how people, because of their fugitive and lawsuit, overtook Moses to stroke and fall. Moses did not have full bowl of food to eat

“The people stood before Moses from morning till evening. And Moses’s father-in-law, looking at everything he was doing with the people, said: What are you doing with the people? why are you sitting alone, and the people stand before you from morning till evening? And Moses said to his father-in-law: Because people come to me to ask God. When they have anything among themselves, they come to me, and I judge them and I speak the commandments of God and his laws.

And Moses’ father-in-law said to him: It is not good that you are doing. You and the people who are with you will get tired; because it’s hard for you, you can not do it yourself. But listen to me; I will teach you, and God will be with you; You stand in front of God for the people, and tell their things to God; and teach them His commandments and laws, and show them the way to go and what will they do. And out of all the people, choose righteous people, who fear God, righteous men, who hate bribes, and make them over for chiefs, thousands, hundredsand the hundred and fifty, and the sergeant; they shall judge the people at all times; so have every important thing reported to you, and let them discuss every little thing by themselves; it will be easier for you, when they also will be burdened with you. If you do so, and God orders you, you can be sustained, and all the people will come peacefully in their place

And Moses selected all the honest people of Israel, and made them rulers over the people, the thousands, the hundreds and the hundred and fifty, and the sergeant, who were judging the people at all times, and the difficult things were reported to Moses, and they disputed little things themselves. “(25-26

Moses was a prophet of God, and had all the authority in his hands. Next to him, according to God’s will, there were priests. “When it is difficult for you to judge between blood and blood, between the argument and another argument, or between the wound and the wound, around which there is a lawsuit in your place, then get up and go to the place chosen by your God; and go to the priests of the Levites or to the judge who is there, so ask them, and they will tell you how to judge. (5 Moses, 17, 8-9). This order: God in the first place, after him the priests and, finally, the judges, was repeated in several places in the Scriptures: When two men have a dispute, the Lord decrees that “these two men, who have this dispersion, before the Lord, before the priests, and before the judges who are there at that time.”(5 Moses, 19:17

Judges on this earth, as we can see, become arrogant and it seems nothing can be done. To us, the powerless, and confused with this wonder, the only hope and support remains our God, which is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. We must not shrink and fall into this terrible torrent of sins, which are legalized by the judges of the earth, and with this loud mob we are thrown ourselves into the ocean of sin and destruction

Let us not forget: “The Lord will judge the ends of the earth” (1 Sam 2, 10). “The Lord will judge the nations.” (Psalm 110, 6) He will “judge the living and the dead,” (2 Timothy 4:1) and these antichrists, judges of the earthly ones.