Saint Sava led us and directed us into the Kingdom of Heaven

The Serbian Church is a church of Saint Sava; it lays on his foundations. In the light of the Sava’s will, we all need to re-examine our own views and views in relation to it, so that we can see how much we fit into the values of the Church and not how much it is compressed into our limitations.

This is the actual message of Sava’s teachings and deeds. Faith in front of and above all, and everything else under it. The Saint Sava invites us and reminds us of one more his will, for these times more important and more prevalent, but in any other, it seems to me. It is Sava’s call for peace and “Gospel brotherhood”. (Domentijan)

Sava’s peacemaking is immense. Knowing who we are, I am convinced that he could never give rest his body and his soul. The Saint Sava has always concluded his speeches to the people and to the clergy, with a call for peace. “And blessing all the fruits of our majesty, gave peace of God to the little ones and to the great ones.” (Domentijan

A part from the troubles St. Sava coming  his brothers, Stefan and Vukan,  there were also  little ones and the great ones, not mentioned. “And while they lived in great love, and while Christ, their loved one, dwelled among them, and while the Holy Spirit rested in their enlightened souls, all the enemies of their sanctuary, visible and invisible, fell under his (Stefan’s) feet, prayed and blessed their holy father.” (Domentijan)

But peace has never been long in our country. “I want to speak here about the hatred of the brothers –Teodosije begins his sad history – but I’m ashamed. We will not condemn the brothers, but the one who was the mediator of their hatred…the devil, who was raising hatred among the brothers, Vukan and Stefan.  After the holy old man (Simeon Nemanja) has been proclaimed, Vukan, the Stefan’s brother, in all its ways, was inflicting hostility and evil to his autocratic brother Stefan, he joined with peoples of other tribes, and with theirs bad advices, he tried many time to oppose him, to go against him and to do evil to him.

In such hostility and competition among the brothers, the Serbian land was in great distress, like in cramp, devastated of many plundering and shedding of blood, and it fallen apart because of hunger, so that many people went abroad. Then such a fruit, a primordial sower of evil, and the hater of the good, the devil, harvested.” (Teodosije)

This misfortune because of the discord between brothers forced Stefan to ask his brother Sava for help again.”When you left us, our land become wicked because of our iniquity, and wipe out with blood, and we fallen in captivity, and we were laughed by our enemies, and because of our hate, we became a contempt for those who are around us.” (Teodosije)

What else could Sava done, than to leave his silence, to take the relics of his father, and to go, through valiant paths of that time, through the path of his fatherhood, to reconcile his brothers. And that’s the only thing that went good, and that’s what its size is, said Matija Bećković.

“After the Saint had came back, brothers came together in great love, namely, the autocratic Stefan and the great duke Vukan, with the instruction of the Saint Sava, Vukan repented himself and ashamed for having violated the commandments of his father…And all the adversaries, seeing that brothers life in common love, approached them with love.” (Teodosije)

With such light the country of Serbia was then glistening, with such men they were proud, so the other rulers, when listening of the wonderful wonders of the saints, begged to be in love with the autocratic Stefan, and did not dare to do anything against his state. (Teodosije)

Saint Sava watched and cared about this peace and established it through his every word and deed. Not only peace among his brothers, but peace in all his Serbia’s country. “He begged and established all the people in faith and love for God, not to return evil with evil; to give bread to the hungry ones; to receive the homeless in the house; to cover the naked and to not despise their own blood. He spoke that these are the works of the spiritual that make a man a Christian.’’ (Teodosije)

“The good deeds of this godly man and labourer are immense and innumerable, and we, earthly, can not easily know them, and they are only known to one fellow of the heart and to provider of secrets: to God.”(Domentijan) “He gave a good example to his fatherland, and became great in God’s eyes, and he filled himself with the Holy Spirit. Since his youth he has loved God, and many people in his fatherland have also loved God, and admired him, and followed him with Christ from the beginning, and until now chosen constantly appear to the God, one another covering, they are called by the Father of Heaven to the heavenly kingdom, they full the churches of the saints, and he goes to them with the power of Christ and the spirit of Elijah, and he prepares the perfect people for the Lord.” (Domentijan)

”And since he has been seeing the Serbian land of his admiration that he is adorned with the king and the archbishop, and the bishop and priests, and the idols, the idols and the dukes, the divine and the large churches, the holy and honourable monasteries and all the good laws and the constitutions of the Orthodox and Christian people, and because of this, he thanked to his God, and realised that many of his labor was not in vain, but went out into a godly work.” (Teodosije)

It is up to us to preserve this great work, or better to say, to preserve ourselves in this work, to purify the life juices for new works and achievements, following the paths of God which Saint Sava propped us up to get there where he led us and directed us – into the Kingdom of Heaven.