Their clothes say, to God not to pray


Since I was a child, with fear and sigh, I listened to the beautiful spiritual, religious song, dedicated to the Holy Mother of God, in which we pray to our dearest Lady who always protected us, to give us protection, but now, “lo, the people decline.” The song  names various misdeeds of the people – (“People abandoned fasting, through hell the bridge fell, which led to heaven, while the people fasted”) – the reasons why people decline, and, among many other things it says: “Their clothes say, to God they do not pray.” I was thinking, how someone’s clothes can promote godlessness. Only now, with all this shameless unbuttoned ways of fashion absurdity and disrespect, I see that clothes – men’s and women’s, whatever – can be obscene and blasphemous.

Тhe first chapter of the Genesis which discusses the structure of the world, this and other, says, nice and clearly, that the Lord Creator, at the end of all creation, “created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. (Gen. 1: 27) Contemporary fashion aggressively assaults the image of God in man, uncovers him and redesigns him into opponent of God.
Let’s not fool ourselves, this is no accident. This, ultimately, leads to the fact that when the Antichrist appears, who will make wonders but his face will not sow kindness, he will be more easily received and accepted. The time of Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood, and other noble and nice fairy tales, is long gone; now, children are imposed with creatures and ugly characters, brought from nowhere, and thin air, so that the ugly ones become daily companions and friends of our children and grandchildren. It’s been a long time since I am not watching TV and when it happens, even for a moment, when I see these monsters, I am horrified in front of that hoax which is served to us from the childhood.

It does not seem accidental that, shortly after U.S. combat aircrafts, in the souls of occupied people land demonic products of American (un)culture. Also, blatant and aggressive, today’s fashion trends are annihilating difference, set from God, between male and female; reclothing men to women and women to men. “Unisex” is a creation of the times, the insane times.

“There they go two, I don’t know who is who” sings a beautiful song from Šumadija. “I do not know who is who” – referring to the fact that one can’t tell: who are they, of which family, where from. Earlier, it was, thank God, all known and followed. Today, however, when they go in two, I really do not know who is who: who is male and who is female. How many times do you feel uncomfortable when you realize that the creature, who is supposed to be a man, because he wears a short cropped hairstyle – and lately a zero haircut – is in fact a woman, and the poor one with long hair, pony tail, ribbon, and hanging earrings, and pants cut into the skin, should be “a man.” Behold a defiance to the Lord the Creator!

I look at female children, with naked bellies, who are in icy winter days (and nights) enchained to fashion and I wonder, when and what kind of infant will this child later bear into this world. It did not even cross my mind that this is also accidental and harmless. Fashion “designers”, hired by someone who is involved in diabolical work of ”planning growth of humanity”, are engaged in inventing jeans where poor female kid wanting to put them on must call dad and mom in order to squeeze her in, only to barely walk in them. In so tight and narrowed being no human embryo can be conceived. And as if this is not enough, they do everything so that the kidneys and uterus, and all the internal organs catch cold and become dysfunctional, and here is a double avail: more work for doctors and pharmacy companies and less joyful clamor of kids on this sinful planet.

The Holy Bishop Nikolaj has, in his early days and still innocent times, pointed to the commercial effect of the then fashion trends. That being said for yesterday is even more true today. “Those who design fashion, and impose it to a gullible world, think only about money. In their commercial activities they think of culture and enlightenment as much as frogs of the stars. They are ordinary big city  barbarians, who craftily acquire money … With their spirit exhausted to shivering while inventing new trends, in our days they began to impose to women a design of clothes which is contrary to most ordinary notions of decency and shame, as well as simple rules of health care and household. Yet, are they concerned with the moral of the world, and the character of the people, and girlish embarrassment, and the nation’s health, and low pensions of mothers? Money and only money – this is the motive and purpose of fashion creations of these traders and army of their agents.”

Our good Holy Bishop! In modern times, he would have to go further and deeper in assessing intents of “these traders and army of their agents.” Today, a “men’s” fashion is equally immoral, and as I have said, impious, as well as women’s. “Exhausted to shivering while inventing new trends”, so called designers find inspiration in the Holy Script! But not to be God’s fellow workers in shaping  up the creations of God but in defying God, to impose bad taste and weight of shame to masses.

A few years ago appeared men’s heads cropped in the circle. Overnight, young and old, their heads deformed. “Ye shall not round the corners of your heads, neither shalt thou mar the corners of thy beard.” (Lev. 19: 27), the Lord commanded. Here’s an idea for “a designer” how to defy the Lord. “Ye shall not print any marks upon you.” (Lev. 19: 28), once again commands the Lord. Here’s an idea for the impious to develop the entire industry of mass marking. Until they learn to weave their first letters with their small hands, children have numerous chances to put stickers and draw and imprint some creatures and ugly characters on their body. Look around you: all the people – celebrities and rock singers in particular, are blemished with certain symbols, snakes, devils. Take your child to some children’s event, they put a stamp on his hand. As if there was and is no other way of selling the tickets. If your son or daughter goes to any party, in the club, or elsewhere, they will get a stamp on their hands even there. And wherever you go, stamps are everywhere. Nice. When the Antichrist arrives everything will be ready for him. From early age, people are prepared and dressed up to receive his seal. Stamp more or less, not a big issue, they will say.

Open, again, the Genesis, Chapter 35, and read verse 4 and you will be clear why “designers” get the idea to mark men with earrings. Biblically, then, God’s ideal of women’s beauty: “the hair of thine head like purple; the king is held in the galleries.” is exactly the reason why re-designers of God’s creations come to the idea to shave women’s hair to zero cut. If they should have their say to the end, at present days there would be no Mary, sister of Lazarus, who upon Lord “began to wash his feet with tears, and did wipe them with the hairs of her head, and anointed them with the ointment. “(Luke 7: 38) In the meantime, the hair of men on snaggy and wrinkled heads would fly below the waist. “Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him?” – Paul ask us. “But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering.” (1 Cor. 11: 14-15) Here again is the answer to why they enforce the opposite way. Woman shall not wear veil, a sign of submission, even if God Himself ordered it. And through this madness, and many others, that they prepare for us, we, we who are designated with the name of Christ, we need to go as far as possible, undefiled and intact. In contrast to the madness around us, we have to keep the image of God in us. Only that which is inside is true and we will be judged upon it. External shape and court shall decline and fall anyway. “The moral beauty, the beauty of the soul, the heart and character shine even through the ugliest face of a man. A grandchild never sees his grandma as ugly. Through wrinkled and parched face of an old woman shines love and because of this love a grandson sees the beauty of his grandmother. This is a beauty that increases proportionally with the ugliness of the body. The more ugly the bag, the more precious is gold in this bag. Because the physical beauty alone, say of an idiot or a disgraced women, is gold-plated door of the pigsty. What matters is the content in the form, not the form itself. During this short pilgrimage on earth we, as Christians, are called to urgently feed our bodily form – regardless of external appearance – “with spiritual gold which buys heaven” (St. Nikolai).