Fear the Lord; do not kill the innocent and unprotected


My sad and dreary thoughts and contemplations began before the holiday of the birth of our Most Holy and Cherished Mother of God; Holy Mary. The words “giving birth” began swirling within the depth of my soul and have me partaking in the fates of those dear and known to me, and to the people of which I belong to.
These unhappy and miserable, for months we follow the fates of the martyrs and the Serbians exiled from Kosovo. It is painful for us as it is to them regarding their troubles and even worse; the inability to sufficiently provide help for them. We are persecuted by those, whom have persecuted them, and it pressures us to know and the realization that we as a nation/people, humiliated and oppressed became the dump of the world. The tragic amounts of Serbian refugees as the majority agree that the amounts are approximately 200,000.

At the same time stands the tragic amount of Serbian babies that are crushed and dismembered in the wombs of would-be mothers. Coincidently, the tragic amounts match each other.

Serbs, as we claim to be an old nation and of God, have yearly aborted and disposed in sewages 200,000 of their children. In the simplest form, we can calculate the amounts of our people that could have been amongst us, and how many of us there is not. Serbia is a terrible and attentive record holder. Some investigations (Olga Vasiljevic) have indicated that most of the abortions were performed in Serbia without the surrounding provinces/areas: 131%, while the least being in Kosovo; 24.1%. And now, Lord; You strive and aim to help, while we wholeheartedly destroy.

It was said long ago and prophesied that for this era that those people that consider abortions normal will with their suicidal ambitions achieve the lowest morals and degradation. For us it seems that we have no lower depths to succumb. And for us at least that we remember and keep in mind the warnings of our Saints and Wise Advisors; our beloved and old patriarch who pleads with us and reminds us that the “White Plague” to which we have opened our doors to will result in our becoming the national minority in our own mother land. “Abortions are the main cause of our self-destruction”. (Prim. Dr. Nedeljko Kangrga).

It is odd and tragic how we surrender to the worldly nonsense and how we thoughtlessly adhere to the basic “norms” of these nonsense. Others are counting themselves, taking pains and care for their national homes, encourage their growth and continuously becoming stronger. We have read statements from some of our unfortunates that frequently had “cleanings” and commented that it was an easier decision and process than visiting the dentist.
We holler about the “New World Order” as we have felt the poisonous effect on our skins. These misdeeds alongside the killing of the innocent are the product of the “new movement”, without and opposed to God. Must we remind that this lawlessness for the first time was legalized in 1920 by Lenin. Today’s chiefs and ideologues of Godless ranking calculated that on this planet, by them appropriated, there are too many “unnecessary” as they have stated “ruminants”.  Thus, they calculated how many would need to remain so that they can continue with their well being undisturbed. That is the reason that throughout the world there are revolts and wars, provoking hunger, and the slaughtering of the just.

This era, of all unfortunate eras, as long as memory serves, will be remembered as the era that encouraged death and crushed life. If there will be recollections, it will be narrated that the highest world courts across the globe which should uphold and protect justice had justified and legalized abortions. Wherever there was question as to whether the highest human courts would follow and adhere to God’s laws or oppose them; the courts, as by accounting of the wicked, normally refrained from God and His laws. Whenever it is heard and announced regarding the expansion of human freedom and liberties; it must be immediately acknowledged that this term reflects the expansion of the already sinful abyss and collapse of humanity.
These sinful deeds that are practiced in respect to the extinction of babies are considered the rights of “free women”. Oh, what grotesque thoughts! Husband and wife partake in these sins, and the woman is with all medical equipment released of the unborn child. (I am purposely stating: Child, because of God’s words and the Holy Bible, teaches me that there is no other method for the woman than to give birth to the child). The practice of abortion (legally or by other means) belittles the woman to a standard of a sexual accessory for a man in today’s contemporary sexual atmosphere, and permits the man to consider the woman nothing more than a means to self-gratification. (Sanctity of life and infanticide)

“It is an irony that women whom deserve love and respect, as she also has maternal drive, has to create her rights through violence; physically and mentally that is performed upon her with her consent and participation.” (Prim. Dr. Nedeljko Kangrga)
The Metropolitan of Nikopolj – Meletius  stated: “It is simply incomprehensible that if it is not a sign of hypocrisy that the same people engaged in developing and active for human rights while boasting about doing so, are on the other hand are advocates for abortion, which represents trampling of the most elemental rights of the unborn, innocent and most unprotected of humans! It is incomprehensible that normal and healthy human logic and in the name of human rights and life, and some are immersed in the abolishment of capital punishment whilst advocating for the legalization of abortion”.
“We feel disgust towards the mother that disposes of her new born child into a trash bin; however we bring flowers to a woman whom had an abortion in the medical atmosphere. (Same)

To justify the unjustifiable and to blur what is clear, the wise guys stretch their minds to the tiniest threads and proclaim: That man becomes man (human) upon birth, and up until then (according to these people) is considered as a “growth akin to a tumor” or a “nugget of squash”. And to not continue to enumerate all of their expressions and theories; to them all is relative. All my understandings and acceptances of God’s will is inserted in the threads of life. Therefore, the woman that is happy to give birth and life, that which grows within her is human, dear and wanted to her. As for the other woman who thoughtlessly surrendered to fornication and that which was growing within her was considered a “growth or tumor”. As if it is a mystical thought or moment that the growth within her was considered a nugget of squash was in actuality a human. (Sanctity of life and infanticide)
The situation is clear “without the fertilized egg there is no fetus” and without the fetus there is no natural birth of the baby, without the baby there is no child and without the child there is no human”. (George T. Vukovic)

The Metropolitan of Nikopolj – Meletius  informs how in one American publication he read the following: In a gynecological clinic there was a woman who was going wild. A few minutes beforehand, an infant was born prematurely at (approximately five months). Her wishes were that her child lives! The entire hospital was alerted and alarmed in order to save her child. Well known doctors feverishly worked, spent are enormous amounts of money and resources…The same day, and the same hour in another department of the same hospital, another woman was having an abortion because she didn’t wish to have another child. The doctors were claiming to her that a baby of four months isn’t a human but only a growth in the mother’s body.”

We Christians know and must protect the truth that the moment the child is conceived is considered to be human. At and on the Annunciation, precisely nine months before the birth of Christ our Lord, we celebrate his seedless conception. “As Orthodox people, we believe that the God’s word came to be; He united with a physical human body at the moment of the Lord Jesus’ conception. (Luke 1, 26-38)
Holy Mary’s aunt Elizabeth, mother of St. John the Baptist, witnesses that from joy and happiness of the news from Holy Mary, her own unborn child was dancing within her womb. (Luke 1, 44) “This is the proof that even an unborn child has a soul, has the gift to recognize his Lord and Saviour and becomes cheerful, as he is being born not for death but for life.” (Zeljko Kotoranin)

Science has confirmed, if we all refer to scientific facts; it is recorded that after 18 days of conception a heartbeat may be noticed and the infant becomes self-functioning, and its own blood circulation. At seven weeks of an unborn child its cerebral impulses are recorded and have exterior and interior capable organs, eyes, nose, lips and tongue. At twelve weeks and without abortion, all organs are developed and all that is left is for further development and growth. The baby turns its head, makes grimaces, locates its mouth and sucks its fingers. A recording of an abortion indicates that the baby is aware of the impeding danger and is restless. The heartbeat rises from 140 to 200. The baby opens its mouth to cry a silent cry. Protecting itself from the tools that would kill it, it tries to escape the instrument that eventually grasps it.  (Sanctity of life and infanticide)

The Lord said to the prophet Jeremiah that prior to the knowledge of his birth and still within the womb of its mother, He knows of him and blesses him as the prophet of the people. (Jer. 1, 5) This example shows us that every human spawning is already written in God’s book; however the Godless people consider the unborn of the baby within the womb of its mother; for God this baby is human and for every human life and summoned from non-existence to existence; we shall provide before God our answers. “For the sinful woman whom threw out a conceived fruit and that it didn’t see the world, that fruit wouldn’t permit to see the new era” warns St. Ephrem the Syrian. “The sin of child killing deprives the parents of God’s benefits. During old times and antiquity the women were by the accordance of the church forbidden to partake in the Christ’s Holy Communion for twenty years. The sin of the child killer cries to God for punishment and considers it worse than death.
By killing the unborn child, the parents kill themselves. As the unborn child has a soul as the living man, upon the death of the parents on earth; the parents would greet the child (soul) of which they killed! (Sanctity of life and infanticide)

We would be unjust if we were to throw all of the blames upon the women. Fornication is the sin of two people. That way the man takes responsibility as the woman. The woman undergoes difficulties in the operating room and the risk of infertility which is destroyed before giving birth and various other ailments. “Why glow where the land wishes to ruin fruit, where there is much infertility, where there is destruction before procreation. Even the fornicators, states St. John Golden Mouth, you do not leave to remain just as a fornicator, but create her additionally as a man-killer”.

Recently I have had discussions on this particular theme with Greek youths. From these youth, thinking that they are better than ours; I had assumptions and expectations of Orthodox attitude more so than what I encountered. It is inevitable that the conclusion; the machinations of death (The New World Order) and quite powerful that their media greatly performs their tasks. And we, if we are truly Christians, followers of God, love and His life giving gifts; must decisively stand with the laws of God and His Holy will, and not only due to the revival and recovery of our powerless nation, but even more so for our own souls.  Abortions are killing and premeditated regardless of how much the human laws approve.

Orthodoxy keeps and adheres to that the only approved place for love is between a man and woman in the Holy sacraments of marriage, but expresses compassion and understands those with regrets and remorse and unwanted consequences regarding that status. (Stanley Harakus)
Archimandrite George Gregorian stated: “Accepting the legitimization of abortion as something natural and normal, means awarding and accepting selfishness, and not freedom as the principle of life. And every sober man will agree that true freedom does not co-exist with egoistic self-gratification, even less in the slavery of blind instinct; rather in realizations and gaining deep and purposeful infinite senses of life. For us Christians, this indicates realizing God’s will for us and its fulfilment to us and all that surrounds us.”

And for ending a true story in life:
In the midst of hungry and thirsty of fifty in a thatched and poor abode and after producing five sons, was the announcement of another conception. “So now, it happened!” The woman proclaimed in self-defense as if she committed some crime to all. The husband hollered and yelled, followed with immediate commands at that moment that she aborts the child. “Why, another hungry mouth to feed amongst all these small children’s hungry stomachs!” The woman relents. As she was walking she found that her footsteps were becoming heavier and slower. Halfway through her walk she stopped, and couldn’t continue further. Immediately and with hurried footsteps she began to walk and with a heavy heart as if she had already committed a sin, she returned home. During those days, the poor woman endured bitter scolding and spite. She gave birth to a daughter. The days and years went by. Kids (baby goats), as was common of villagers to call their children, became strong and dispersed throughout the four corners of the world. Now there was bread, but not children. Old age had finally caught up. The male actor of this story through strenuous labour and hardships had become decrepit much quicker, and was barely walking. Shaking and unstable he takes risks in walking with uncertainty. That same child that was to be aborted, the daughter, had returned from the city to the village to become the parent to her parents and help them.
I am uncertain but can assume that there may be origins regarding this story, and how it would widely differ and have a completely different ending, had not the conscience of that young woman cause her to abandon the thought of abortion and the heavy sin.